Facebook keeps getting smarter. -
Facebook seems to be the topic of most all my posts lately, but I am always fascinated with the new ways they are improving and making their site match the exact needs of its users. Currently, Facebook has stopped showing pictures of a person’s ex boyfriend/ girlfriend in the photo memories section of their page. This was done after several users had complained that seeing old photos was hard for them and made them not want to frequent the site as often. Facebook listened and has removed all of the photos of the ex’s, which has been shown to make their users much happier.

I noticed the photo memories box that Facebook added in the past couple of months. Some of the people they would show I did not talk to any more nor did I care to see their photos. Yet instead of unfriending them, I just kept clicking “X” to delete the current photo memory. Although no matter how many times I “X” people out, some still kept coming back. Rather annoying.

I am glad Facebook made this change, as I can see how seeing ex’s photos with out making the effort can be hurtful. Yet, this action on behalf of Facebook has brought me to two questions…. 1. If you really can’t handle looking through an ex’s Facebook pictures (even though you know all of you stalk your ex’s, even if you don’t want to admit… you do, its okay) why are you friends with them still? 2. Has Facebook turned into a dating site and lost its focus on being a social network? Oh wait, I lied. One more question. 3. What if you dated a person and then unfriended them just to refriend… does Facebook have the ability to recognize that or will photos still come up? I wish they did that. It would make things a lot easier. How many times do people break up and one of the first things they do is unfriend the person, just to refriend when either they work things out or become civil.

Maybe the moral of the story is, if we don’t want to see pictures of your ex, or people in general you do not care about… why not just unfriend them?

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