The Many Faces of The Gap.

The Gap, and social media

  • Facebook
    The Gap uses its facebook site as a means of promoting new products, giving the latest tips on seasonal fashions, driving traffic to their website, informing the public about promotions and sales, showcase their other products lines (such as Old Navy, Banana Republic, and Athleta),  well as forming a community of people who find a connection with Gap.

  • YouTube
    The Gap used this video to express who the type of person who wears Gap clothing; strong, self-starting, creative, hard working, and confident. Through celebrity endorsement the Gap promotes its products as recognized lifestyle product than a utility product. The video is very subtle in that it focus on how these individuals became successful and less on the products, which allows for a stronger emotional connection from the viewer.

  • Twitter
    Gap uses its twitter site to inform the public of new product, promotions, and their other product lines. The Gap is also careful of who they are following so that it does not send their current or potential customers to other clothing companies sites.

  • Four Square
    The Four Square promotion held by the Gap was in order to promote their new product line of black pants, "black magic". This directed the customers to fashion tips and customer reviews of the new product line.

  • Groupon
    The Groupon offer held by Gap was by far the most popular Groupon deal thus far. Gap and Groupon offered its customers the opportunity to purchase $50 of clothing for just $25. This deal was available at all Gap locations through out the country. Groupon's servers were so overloaded by the Gap-happy customers that they crashed briefly. By 6am, Groupon had sold over 200,000 Groupons, roughly ten per second. It was estimated that $11 million in revenue was made that day.