This semesters Emerging Media class offered a diverse subject matter which I found to be very helpful. I learned about up and coming media that I can use in my personal life and when entering the work force. The construction of the weebly as well as maintaining a personal blog was something that I had not done before which I really enjoyed and plan on keeping up with.

I also really enjoyed creating a personal interest site surrounding my passion for horses. I have a lot of content on this page that would be useful to show future employers in the form of writing and design samples.

Although this class was not taught in the traditional academic matter I still found the content to be valuable. Many interesting speakers were brought into class with a diverse range of interests and expertise. I enjoyed the speakers a lot. I found many of their stories of success to be very inspirational and hearing about how they built their businesses from the ground up was wonderful.

I look forward to learning more about emerging media in the future and felt this class gave me a good foundation. The only thing I wish were different about the class would be having check points through out the semester so students know where their grades are at instead of only receiving one letter grade at the end of the semester.

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