I just viewed the Social Network less than a half an hour ago and I thought that I would blog about it now while it is still fresh in my mind. Overall, I give the movie 2.5 stars out of 4. Meh, not something I would have paid to see given my taste in movies. But it was informative none the less. It gave good background on how Facebook started and the people behind what is now a major addiction to many people not just in the US but the world.

I liked the overall make up of the cast, good chemistry between the characters and the drama between them was believable. I just do not understand all the reviews I had read about the movie prior to seeing it where it is claimed to be the best movie of the year and will be up for many grand awards. Maybe it is because I started using Facebook when it first came to be and the topic of social media, which I love, is talked about so often in my group of friends (seeing as we are all communications nerds) and in the media that I didn’t really feel a big connection to the movie. I had a totally different reaction to the film then I thought I would have. I was very excited to see it but I left feeling kind of bored and not impressed.

I love Facebook, I do. But after seeing the movie and really learning how badly Mark treated Eduardo, whether intentional or not, made me not admire him as much and start to think he was a jerk. Facebook made in vain? Maybe that is just me…

Anyone else have a similar view of the movie? I would be interested to hear what you have to say.

10/20/2010 18:17:25

I didn't love it either. Overdramatized and too long. Agree that it's a decent movie, but the reviews are misleading.


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