Facebook has started to get a bit much for me personally… I know, you never thought I would say that did you? I am addicted to the “FB” but lately I feel like they are trying  to monopolize everything, much like Apple has in the electronic market. Although I do think Mark Zuckerberg is a genius and I wish so badly I could think of something awesome like Facebook that could make me some serious bank, I think he may need to take a step back and let the Facebook community breathe a little.

Facebook users currently send more than 4 billion messages a day. That is a lot of messages… All users will be able to have the opportunity to snag the @facebook.com for their email address. Much like how facebook started in stages and spread to everyone the mail service will do the same coming to its users in stages. Users will also be able to request access on the Facebook page.

This mail service is not  quite the same as traditional email and focuses more on short conversations then lengthy e-mail messages. There will be no more cc option or subject lines but will be more like Facebook chat. Zuckerberg said that he is doing this in a noncompetitive fashion and is not trying to shut down popular sites like Yahoo Mail or Gmail.

But what I wonder is then why create this email function if you are not trying to take over the email arena? I already think that the Facebook messaging function has somewhat taken over email. I know that I use the Facebook messaging function far more than traditional email to communicate with my friends and family. The only real time I use my email account other than getting coupons from retailers is when I am communicating with my professors or my boss…


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