It is no surprise that print advertising is not as popular as it once had been. Currently the leading way to advertise has been though cellular phones and not television, radio, or print like it had been in past years. Although I had mentioned in my past posts that print is not dead I keep reading other wise. I wondering if that has a lot to do with major print sources like news papers and magazines not being as popular as they had been in previous years…

 Anyways… These questions came to me when I read an article about Rhythm NewMedia, a company who is looking to throw iAd and AdMob out of their leading positions in the cellular advertising market. Recently Rhythm Media has dropped a whopping 10 million dollars towards advertisements that will be linked to cell phones all over the country. I am not sure I fully understand how this will work as I don’t recall ever seeing an ad on my cell phone before. But then again, all I really use my phone for is facebook (go figure) and texting (addicted) with the occasional app for to look up a phone number.

I really don’t think I enjoy the idea of having advertising on my cell phone. I feel like there are ads everywhere which can often be very hard to avoid. But coming from an ad major I can see the appeal of wanting to reach every person and the majority of people carry cell phones so it works…. Doesn’t mean I will be happy about it though!

Have you seen any advertisements on your cell phone?

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