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Sony has been quietly constructing a phone that has the potential to knock the iphone and the droid out of the water, the Play Station Phone. Although this news has only come in the form of rumors floating around, a statement was recently released from Sony:

"We started out with the PSP – that was our first mobile gaming console. But, since then, the market as you know has expanded into bigger arenas, in that gaming on mobile phones, gaming on tablets, gaming on all sorts of mobile devices.” Followed by, “Now, PSP being a proprietary platform, was more concentrated on, how do you say, [the] core gaming segment rather than the light gamer. But now we are addressing that market as well."

I am not a big gamer (although I do own a Wii and find that to be very fun) I still think the idea of having a PSP phone is really awesome. It has not yet been released about the functions or the game options for the phone but I am going to keep my eyes out for updates.

 It is just amazing how the electronics industry is able to create a phone that will cater to every type of ADD a person can have. For me it is Facebook, my horoscope, texting, and the occasional pack man game, but now you could play legit video games on your phone at any time. I think that is beyond awesome.


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