As I write this it is roughly 3:50 pm on Thursday, September 23, 2010… And I am not happy. Not happy at all. My beloved social networking site, Facebook, is down for the count and I feel a deep void. Okay maybe not a “deep” void but I am a little bit agitated with the fact that I can’t update my wall with this awesome 90’s music video  that Kristi Schwartz and I just rediscovered while avoiding doing our Quantitative homework for tonight’s class.

“Here’s a shovel. Can you dig it fool?” --- That would have been my wall update, but nope. Can’t update my status because the FB IS DOWN!

I am trying to imagine what the Facebook headquarters is looking like at this very moment. I picture everyone running around the office screaming, phones ringing off the hook, babies crying, smoke coming out of computers, sirens going off… pure and utter chaos.

I am starting to feel a bit ashamed of myself actually. How can one website have this must effect on my mood? Well… end of that thought. It just does. Social media has become such a stable in my life that with out it I feel like I have forgotten something very important at home after leaving for a month on a long vacation, and all you can really do is be annoyed. Some people need coffee and CNN every day to feel whole. Me, I prefer Diet Coke and stalking random people on Facebook to feel complete. So sue me.
1/6/2011 14:14:10

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