While driving to work this morning I was listening to the radio, (which I rarely do… I really need to get some new music on my ipod) and the DJ was talking about the five things that a person should never post on their Facebook. Of course my ears perked up right away when I heard this as I am a FFacebook junkie, so instead of zoning out and thinking about how much better my day would be if I wasn’t going to work, I tuned in.

The information given was from Yahoo Finance.

The list is as follows.

1.       Birth date and place

2.       Vacation plans

3.       Your home address

4.       Confessions

5.       Password hints

I found this list to be a little, eh, generic. I try to keep what I post on Facebook to be limited so I don’t need everyone knowing what I am up to all the time, but why have a social media site if you are not going to say anything? I have my birthday on Facebook and that I am from Appleton, I also tell people if I am on vacation or not, but would I put my phone number or home address on there? No. Also, if you are going to play hookie from school or work you should know better than to talk about the great day you had shopping or sleeping in on your status. If you get caught for that you are just stupid if you ask me.

I do see how putting that information up could lead to being robbed or identity theft. Both which would be awful to have happen. But do I really think I will take my birthday off Facebook but I may not let everyone know that I am in the Bahamas drinking a fruity adult beverage, you know the kind with the little umbrellas, until I return home.  That way I can share the experience and still not increase the chance of my home being robbed.

I do think it is good advice. There can be some real creepers out there. But I guess that is why you do not friend people you do not know either by yourself personally or through other people. Maybe if the amount of friends people accepted were limited these types of problems wouldn’t happen as frequently. But then again, with any new form of media you will be facing problems with people abusing it or not knowing the risks inherent in using it.

So I say, Facebook at your own risk.

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