Dear AT&T...

11/25/2010 11:55:30


  Last week something unspeakable happened my beloved Blackberry was attacked by the most horrific animal know to man! No, not a lion, tiger, or beat but far worse… my father’s African Grey parrot, Max. I know, I know, and how unlikely does that sound? But I assure you it is not only a heart breaking story but a true one.

A little background on how my phone happened to become a chew toy for a 6 month old parrot. My father is an attorney in Appleton, Wisconsin.  Since he is the owner of his small firm there is not a no “massive phone eating bird” policy. I often go to my father’s office to work on school work when I am home for the weekend. This way my mother can’t talk my ear off and I actually can get some work done. I love animals, so I have no problem with Max hanging out while I do my work. He will often sit on my chair, play with my glasses, or walk across the key board trying random messages as his feet hit the keys.

I got up from my father’s computer for less than 3 minutes to write a note to his legal assistant wishing her a happy birthday and when I came back Max’s fat feet were holding my phone down as he ripped 13 keys out of my phone. I could see him laughing to himself as a few choice words flew out of my mouth. He even sent some random texts to my boyfriend, I think they went something along the lines of “dada jghoagag”. Regardless I was not happy. I have a serious problem of breaking my phones. I have never had a cell phone for more than a year, if even a year at all. And I was doing so good with this new phone! It was going to be our one year (I sound like I am talking about some boy I am dating) in March! But nope, attack of the killer phone eating parrot took that away from me. At least it wasn’t another episode of me knocking the phone in the toilet, or having it fall out of my pocket (while on silent) when I am riding my horse in 30 acres of farm field never to be seen again.

I guess I should get to the point about why I am writing to give praise to AT&T. Shortly after the attack, I brought my poor phone into the AT&T store to see what kind of help they could offer. In the past when I have murdered my cell phones it took nearly a week and a frustrating phone call to get a new phone sent my way. But not this time. Although my phone still worked it was very hard to get information off of it. I had to take my ear ring out in order to push the buttons if I wanted to text or make an outgoing phone call. Very frustrating and I was not looking forward to the week of annoyance in doing that. But the day after I called in for a new phone, I came home from work and a brand new Blackberry was by my front door waiting for me!!! It was the best part of my week. And I am still singing praises of AT&T for their fast customer service. My new phone came all the way from Texas and still managed to be at my front door in 24 hours. Thank you, AT&T!!

Facebook has started to get a bit much for me personally… I know, you never thought I would say that did you? I am addicted to the “FB” but lately I feel like they are trying  to monopolize everything, much like Apple has in the electronic market. Although I do think Mark Zuckerberg is a genius and I wish so badly I could think of something awesome like Facebook that could make me some serious bank, I think he may need to take a step back and let the Facebook community breathe a little.

Facebook users currently send more than 4 billion messages a day. That is a lot of messages… All users will be able to have the opportunity to snag the for their email address. Much like how facebook started in stages and spread to everyone the mail service will do the same coming to its users in stages. Users will also be able to request access on the Facebook page.

This mail service is not  quite the same as traditional email and focuses more on short conversations then lengthy e-mail messages. There will be no more cc option or subject lines but will be more like Facebook chat. Zuckerberg said that he is doing this in a noncompetitive fashion and is not trying to shut down popular sites like Yahoo Mail or Gmail.

But what I wonder is then why create this email function if you are not trying to take over the email arena? I already think that the Facebook messaging function has somewhat taken over email. I know that I use the Facebook messaging function far more than traditional email to communicate with my friends and family. The only real time I use my email account other than getting coupons from retailers is when I am communicating with my professors or my boss…


Rhythm NewMedia

11/14/2010 17:19:17


It is no surprise that print advertising is not as popular as it once had been. Currently the leading way to advertise has been though cellular phones and not television, radio, or print like it had been in past years. Although I had mentioned in my past posts that print is not dead I keep reading other wise. I wondering if that has a lot to do with major print sources like news papers and magazines not being as popular as they had been in previous years…

 Anyways… These questions came to me when I read an article about Rhythm NewMedia, a company who is looking to throw iAd and AdMob out of their leading positions in the cellular advertising market. Recently Rhythm Media has dropped a whopping 10 million dollars towards advertisements that will be linked to cell phones all over the country. I am not sure I fully understand how this will work as I don’t recall ever seeing an ad on my cell phone before. But then again, all I really use my phone for is facebook (go figure) and texting (addicted) with the occasional app for to look up a phone number.

I really don’t think I enjoy the idea of having advertising on my cell phone. I feel like there are ads everywhere which can often be very hard to avoid. But coming from an ad major I can see the appeal of wanting to reach every person and the majority of people carry cell phones so it works…. Doesn’t mean I will be happy about it though!

Have you seen any advertisements on your cell phone?


11/3/2010 07:04:28


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Sony has been quietly constructing a phone that has the potential to knock the iphone and the droid out of the water, the Play Station Phone. Although this news has only come in the form of rumors floating around, a statement was recently released from Sony:

"We started out with the PSP – that was our first mobile gaming console. But, since then, the market as you know has expanded into bigger arenas, in that gaming on mobile phones, gaming on tablets, gaming on all sorts of mobile devices.” Followed by, “Now, PSP being a proprietary platform, was more concentrated on, how do you say, [the] core gaming segment rather than the light gamer. But now we are addressing that market as well."

I am not a big gamer (although I do own a Wii and find that to be very fun) I still think the idea of having a PSP phone is really awesome. It has not yet been released about the functions or the game options for the phone but I am going to keep my eyes out for updates.

 It is just amazing how the electronics industry is able to create a phone that will cater to every type of ADD a person can have. For me it is Facebook, my horoscope, texting, and the occasional pack man game, but now you could play legit video games on your phone at any time. I think that is beyond awesome.


What do you think?